New books!

After all the writing recently, I decided to award myself a treat, so I moved some of the books from my wish list into the Amazon basket and ordered.. To feel less guilty about my shopping spree, I also added Cormen’s “Introduction to algorithms” book, that I had in college (in Romanian) but lost it.

Today 4 of the 5 books arrived .. I hope to get the algorithms book tomorrow 🙂

  • Haruki Murakami’s “What I talk about when I talk about running” – to motivate me for the long runs to come in the half-marathon training plan. It was on my wish list for a while .. found it while browsing randomly through books on Amz, but then a colleague recommended it so I decided to get it.
  • Michael Lopp’s “Being Geek” – instantly decided to buy his books after reading one of his blog posts .. unfortunately “Managing Geeks” was only available from some sellers that had really high delivery rates, so I got this one only.
  • Ben Goldacre’s “Bad Science” – impulse buying no.1 .. hopefully will be an interesting read
  • Leonard Mlodinow’s “The Drunkard’s Walk” – impulse buying no.2 .. same hope as for impulse buying no.1

Cormen’s book should compensate all that .. easy reading 🙂

New blog ..let’s see how long this one will last

So .. I created a new blog here, hoping that I will actually stick to writing in it.

The latest news from my part is that I finally seem to be getting the hang of research and writing papers. I miss coding so much, but at least I don’t really hate writing anymore. And I will get to code a bit for this paper I’m writing now.