Privacy vs Security

Try googling “privacy vs security”. The first page of results are all somehow related to 9/11 and how it’s either / or with those two: you can either be secure but give up privacy, or have your privacy but not be secure. There are so many issues with that logic, that I don’t even know where to start. So I won’t start.

The reason I googled that in the first place, was because I’m preparing for a presentation and wanted to use the correct terms when I talk about security of all the personal information on a Semantic Desktop. Should I say privacy concerns or security concerns? My question was which term is better in the context of my presentation, having a Venn diagram like image in my mind that security and privacy overlap somewhere, or maybe privacy is completely included in security, being just a single issue in a longer list.

I guess my search terms were not ideal.. Uldis would know better how to tame Google into giving me the answers i want. Anyway, it surprised me to get these results, and made me think at the difference between what I hear when security is mentioned and what most of the world hears. I suppose for privacy the meanings overlap (more).