Got my paper on SemNotes accepted at I-SEMANTICS so I’ll be going to Graz to present it. Whoohoo! can’t wait! .. although I’m scared like hell about the idea of presenting it in front of people who can spot any bullshit 1.6km away 🙂
It will be my first time in Austria.. too bad it’s not skiing season yet .. next time!

But that is in September .. before that ..
Desktop Summit 2011 Berlin

I’ll be a volunteer at the Desktop Summit this year. It was an easy way of forcing myself to be more sociable and interact with people .. rather than following Sebastian and Julie everywhere[*]
I’ll get a nice cool red t-shirt in the process as well.

While in Berlin, I’ll also attend the Berlin Semantic Web Meetup. It looks quite interesting and I’ll get to meet old Nepomuk friends there 🙂 I really hope the meetup will be in English :-s

[*] I am however very happy they will be there, and other familiar faces as well 🙂