Laura Drăgan

I am a Romanian researcher and programmer, interested in semantics, linked and/or open data, personal data, open source and teaching.
I work as a research fellow in the Web and Internet Science Research Group in the University of Southampton, in Southampton, UK. Before coming here, I completed my PhD in DERI, NUI Galway, in Galway, Ireland.
Read more about my projects, and see the list of my publications and a short bio.

I love to teach [ programming / math / anything else I might know well enough ]. I also love open source and use it most of the time, doing my best to introduce as many people to it as possible (and thus combine teaching and OSS).

I enjoy running, and tracking different things about myself, mostly so that I can get nice graphs and stats.

You can find me on the Web, usually as aprilush, and sometimes (very rarely) I blog.